Building my own hot tub (part 4)

January 18, 2010 at 09:05 (DIY - hot tub, Hot tub (part 4))

About the floor. Important  was to use load strips to pull floor planks tightly next to each other before screwing crossbars to their place. As figure in “part 3” shows that there are 3 crossbars under the floor.  Two different wood drills have been used for drilling holes in floor holders. According to screws that were bought,  drill were 12mm (for making draft) and 6mm (long one – drilling trough crossbar) . When you drill trough crossbar you should drill it some where else not on top of floor planks.

As seen on picture, after middle crossbar is attached and the screws are screwed you can release load strips. I highly recommend you to build the floor on flat surface.

That day one friend came to help me (Thank you Raimo!),  so it supposed to be quick and easy – hell no! We started with the work bit late, around 14:00 clock.  As it was getting dark already at 17:00 and it was also cold out side (-15’C) we had to use some motive fluid to continue.  You should not attempt this at home for your own safety.

After all crossbars attached, we turned floor over and marked circle with home made caliper of 0,95m from center. We broke my cheap jigsaw but we still had 3 more planks to cut from circle, work was finished with normal wood saw. Some corrections were made with disc cuter.  We finished around 00:00 (midnight) barrel ready and went to sauna for getting cold out of bones.  Off course there is need for finishing touches like grinding top edges and drilling holes for drainage and pipes. Meanwhile I plan to make furniture in side.

Some morning pictures of barrel / hot tub:

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bye for now!
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