Building my own hot tub (part 3)

January 12, 2010 at 13:28 (DIY - hot tub, Hot tub (part 3))

Now its time for some blueprints. First I want to point out about hot tub diameter that was 1,95m and not 2m. Also why the first cut in side plank was exactly 9,5 cm from one end. Idea is that building process should be easy and not to run into stupid things like complicated floor parts, cutting planks lengthwise or what ever. Everything is based on planks I have bought which are standard at least in Europe. Not sure about USA or UK as there is common to use Imperial units instead of metric.  Metric system for your better understanding: 1m = 100cm = 1000mm and if you feel or did not understand some issues I have written here, send e-mail or post comment here, I will try to help you out!

you can also try unit conversion like “9,5cm in inch” hit the search and you should have result like 3,740…

Just to remind that planks I got have dimensions:

  • height 45mm (4,5cm)
  • width 95mm (9,5cm)
  • length was various for me , some were 5,4m some 3,6m

MS Paint is not the best program for blueprints but does the trick.  Note that the crossbars are sideways attached to floor panel, together with side planks they form stand by supporting each other on the same level. So that your hot tub floor would not fell in part. I have cut almost suitable planks for floor panel already.Important is that you can pull together floor planks tightly. If possible you should use load straps (trucks), just in case on any side you should but some planks so that you would not harm floor planks when you use load straps.

When floor panel planks are but together, last thing is to make caliper with what you can mark nice circle with diameter of 95cm. After that you should cut edges and follow the line you have drawn . Jigsaw should be enough but be prepared to make some corrections with sandpaper or disc cuter with  polishing disc attached. (remember to measure 9 times before you cut)
Now about pullers, as i could not find suitable metal sheets (aprox. 3mm thick) yet. I intend to use load straps for test run. According to “manual” they should be able to hold the load about 8 tons or in straight 4 tons. I got them quite cheep.

Note that when barrel (hot tub) with such diameter can expand up do 2cm  in outer circumference when getting wet.  If you intend to use metal pullers you should be prepared to loose it up a bit. Otherwise you can brake strips and end up with injury.  On first 20-30min you can experience that hot tube does not hold water. This is normal for first 30 min, let the wood expand.

As you have most parts but together DO NOT paint or use any chemicals/clues on wood. You can turn your relaxing hot tub into chemical waste barrel where no one wants to be or nether its healthy for your self. Its allowed only to use natural wood oil to be used on outer side of hot tube to prolong hot tube life, in this case I do not have any recommendations.

Damn smoke break.
More pictures next time.


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