Building my own hot tub (part 2)

January 12, 2010 at 11:39 (DIY - hot tub, Hot tub (part 2))

Let’s continue with the journey! Important thing is to remember that you must measure 9 times and cut only once.  As wood planks that i have bought were in 3 different lengths I wanted to make maximum out of them, so I drew all the planks on paper (1/10) so that there wouldn’t be any non useful remains left. I calculated all the sizes and tried various possibilities. I used this paper also as a plan when I started to cut the wood. Smallest remains had 30cms of length, which can be still used for hot tub furniture, like chairs.

It took about 8 hours to cut the wood (including lunch and smoke brakes) and prepare side planks. As the standard height of a hot tub is 1,1m, I decided to do it the same way.  After I have cut edges in the correct angle for 66 side planks  (and a couple of spare ones), I made 3 cuts to every side plank, which is important.  I bet you are wondering why an earth there are cuttings in side planks seen in the picture, well they are for the bottom floor planks.  First cut is exactly 9,5cm from one end, second cut is 11,5cm and third cut is  14cm. Very crucial is to understand that the length between the first cut and the third cut is exactly 4,5cm as floor thickness is 4,5cm or planks I am using.  If this will be more than 4,5cm you will struggle later on when you put the hot tub together. Side planks should be able to hold themselves on  floor panel when you put it all together. Note that these three cuts should be 2cms into planks and from one side only, not from the wider side of planks (inner side). Otherwise you would screw up everything.

It was time for me to find the chisel, which I did found but for some reason it was broken, ok, I found a big screwdriver which was for some reason sharpened to one side as it would be chisel. I really do not remember if I did that and for what reason. I would really suggest you to find proper firmer chisel and hammer.  You need to remove the wood between first and third cut. Cleaner and nicer you will do the better quality you will have; I might need to use some sand paper for fixing my dirty work with that screwdriver I made in the dark. I hope you got the idea.

Smoke break again!


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